Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Destin Vacation 2013

Here are some photos of our Destin Vacation.  We went with most of Landon's family...the one's that weren't able to go were missed.  The ocean is one of my favorite places to be.  We tried to soak in every minute, but of course the week flew by as all vacations do...

After 2 days of traveling, we unloaded the cars and headed down to the beach!  The twins were super insecure about the sand, but ended up doing 100% better than last year.  

Brooke is our little fish.  She was completely soaked, and even apologized for getting her clothes all dirty.  It was so fun watching her be so free, and enjoying the ocean like she had been there just yesterday.  

We took some family pictures by the beach Thursday night.  I'm still REALLY learning how to take  photos, but I love capturing special memories shared with loved ones.

Here are Poppy and GiGi with some of the grandkids.  There are three beautiful blondes missing!

Such a fun, relaxing week.  Looking forward to the next time we will get to visit...with one more kid in tow!

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