Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby Shower for Lauren & Lily

My wonderful friends!

My sweet Mom came up for the shower! So thankful for my parents who love us!

The beautiful invitation

I loved the cake!

The twins got a lot of ADORABLE & matching outfits!

Some of my family!

Here are some pictures from Lauren & Lily's sweet baby shower. Four of my wonderful friends threw us a BEAUTIFUL shower. They did such an amazing job...everything was so beautiful and matched the nursery perfectly! We really appreciate all of the work and time that went into organizing this shower for us! It has been slightly overwhelming preparing for TWO, so this was a HUGE encouragement to us! We appreciate the love that was shown to us, and are so thankful for all the family and friends who showered us with LOVE!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Twins Room...

Glad to have this painted!

Little birdies!

The bedding

WOW...2 cribs & it is a tight squeeze

Shower curtain that will be split to make window panels

The twins closet...little by little we are adding diapers and clothes! :O)

We are making progress in the twins room! We still have a lot of work to do, but it is really coming together. I thought I would post some pictures, since some of you were asking about the nursery theme. Their bedding is a conglomeration of 3 different bedding sets (my attempt to save money, and re-use Brooke's bumper). I love the little penelope birds on the sheets! It is really crazy to see two cribs in one room. We are in for a wild ride!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brooke's Sweet Shop

I FINALLY added some new items to my etsy shop. Please take a look! I have a LOT of fabric in a variety of colors, so let me know if you need something custom made to match your diaper bag or purse.

***Spring Sale - 10% off all purchases. Your 10% will be refunded through
paypal after the transaction is made***

All proceeds from my shop go to stocking up on the twins diaper supply. ha ha. Seriously. :O)

Please take a look!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brooke's Big Girl Room...

My Big Girl!

Love this Chandelier!

Here are a few of my "nap time, craft time" projects...
The flower balls will hang from the ceiling!

Here are a few pictures of Brooke's room (still in progress). She looks so tiny in her big girl bed! I haven't really started working on the nursery yet...but we will add pictures when it is completed! With only 5 weeks until bed rest, I better get started!!!

***I know, I realize that Brooke's room matches the wallpaper on my blog. What can I say...I am obsessed with Damask. :O)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Little Sweetheart

Brooke - 18 months

We are enjoying every minute we have with Brooke before the twins come. She is our little baby for a couple more months. Her little personality is really coming out, and she is constantly making us laugh! We know she is going to be an amazing big sister. She already helps out around the house...she throws trash away, puts her shoes away, and grabs new diapers when she is "dirty". We are so thankful for her, and love her more than we could have ever imagined.

Lauren Grace & Lily Reese

12 week ultrasound

This is Baby B's head, and Baby A's bottom

Baby B at 16 Weeks

Baby A - LET ME OUT!

19 weeks....they are GIRLS!

They are actually "playing cake" here

23 weeks

Baby B punching baby A

Sweet Little Girl

Our Little June Bugs...

This is how Daddy found out we were expecting again!


November 17, 2009...2 year anniversary & expecting 2 more!

Our Sweet little girls at 10 weeks

In October of 2009 we found out we were expecting again!!! The next month was a whirlwind that taught us a lot about the sovereignty of God. We weren't sure if our little one was going to make it, but we knew we had to trust in God's plan. Through several trips to the ER and Doctor's office, we found that the HCG levels were still rising. Everything seemed to look good on paper, but it was too early to see or hear a heartbeat. We waited and prayed...and prayed some more.

November 17, 2009...our 2 year anniversary. We met with my new OBGYN and had a consult before the ultrasound/exam. He joked around about twins while he was asking family history. We all laughed, and went to the ultrasound room. We had been anticipating this ultrasound for weeks, so we could see confirmation of a heartbeat. Praise the Lord...there was our little one with a very strong heartbeat! Then....there was another little one with a very strong heartbeat! I thought I was seeing things. The Dr. said are going to be having twins! I grabbed his hand and asked if he was joking. I laughed out of shock, and Landon just stared at the ultrasound screen. That night, we celebrated our anniversary at the Melting Pot. The topic of conversation....TWINS. To this day, we still can't believe it!

Lord willing, the girls will hold on until the beginning of June. This will reduce their chances of having to stay in the NICU. We are praying for their health! So far, they are doing wonderful. Growing in sync and staying strong!