Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Talk - 14 Week Update

I still laugh out loud when I think about April 1, 2013.  What an epic day.  We found out we were pregnant with Baby #4.  Between a trip to Destin, baby appointments, Brooke graduating from preschool, and keeping up with three cuties, the last couple months have just flown by! 

I'm so glad I took this picture.  Don't mistake Landon's expression as anger - more like utter shock.  Kind of like when I called the Dr's office and asked if three pregnancy tests could be a false positive.  And checked the directions on each test to make sure I read the results right.  TOO.  FUNNY.

Here is a progression of our little baby.  It's amazing to see how much he/she grows every couple weeks.  I cry every time.  It's always a reminder of how amazing God is to create this life within me!  

Here are a few questions I get asked a lot...

"Was this planned???"
Well, it was not in OUR plan, but most definitely in God's plan.  There were many fears that still linger in my mind, but I have to trust that God is going to take care of our family and our sweet baby!

"How are you feeling???"
I'm also thankful for the encouragement and support system I have from family and friends.  My last two pregnancies were pretty hard.  For those who witnessed my pregnancy with twins were especially concerned when they found out I was pregnant.  I have to stay on top of taking my medication around the clock, and watch the foods that I eat. Thankfully, this pregnancy is better so far!

"So are you hoping for a boy???" 
We are hoping for a healthy baby.  I don't have a  strong"feeling" about the baby's gender, but I lean more towards a girl when people ask.  I know we will be equally excited when we find out (hopefully soon!) though!  So far, we have a girl name that we love, and I already have the nursery planned for a girl.  We can't agree on a boy name, and I just don't have any boy design ideas in mind.  lol.  

"Are the girls excited???"
They sure are!  The girls are always talking about the baby.  We have gotten just a few baby essentials, and wrapped them up for the baby.  We plan to let the girls open all the gifts when we get closer to time...they are so excited. They already have the seating arrangement perfected in the car, Lauren likes to kiss my belly and I just know all three of them will be the best big sisters.  

"When are you due???"
November 29th is my official due date.  My doctor will schedule the C-Section for 39 weeks, and we will be home to enjoy Thanksgiving as a family.  I'm so excited about having a fall/winter baby!  I know it will be extra special this year around Thanksgiving and Christmas as we enjoy our tiny blessing.  

I'm so thankful for all of your prayers for our family!  It is so much appreciated!  

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