Friday, April 19, 2013

Doubly Blessed...

In June the girls will be THREE years old.  I still am amazed daily at the amazing gift God has given us by blessing us with twins.  Sure, they have their moments, but the love that these two share is just amazing.  They are always looking out for one another and are partners in crime.  It's amazing how much they look alike, but how different their little personalities are developing.  

Lily Reese.  We always wanted a boy, but God decided to bless us with three girls, and we are SO thankful and wouldn't have it any other way.  Lily is like a boy.  Wild, free, crazy, sporty and adventurous.  She takes after Landon.  Lily would wear her OU jersey and tennis shoes every day if I let her. She does have a soft side, and loves to touch.  If you are holding her, her hand will be on your face, on your neck, or rubbing your back.  It's just the sweetest thing and she has the softest hands.  Lily was "baby a" in the womb.  She was the wild and crazy one doing summersaults in my belly, and that's why we named "baby a" Lily Reese since Reese means "enthusiastic".  Her name suits her well.  

Lauren Grace.  She is our girly girl...sweet, sensitive, emotional and prissy.  She is Brooke's biggest fan and repeats everything that comes out of Brooke's mouth (good or bad).  She would love to live in a dress and her princess heels!  She is also our little comedian, and will go around the house pulling down her pants and flashing us her bottom (I don't know where she got that from!).  People always ask us how we tell them apart.  Lily has a chipped front tooth, and Lauren has one dimple.  Other than that, I still get confused if I don't take the time to look.

Yes...I get stressed.  I have 2 year olds x 2.

Yes....I get tired.

Yes....I have my hands full (if only had a dollar for every time I heard that)!

BUT, I am truly blessed with three girls who are all amazing in their own and unique way.  


  1. Love it! They are getting so so big...I can't believe how fast time flies!

  2. Thanks Mary Beth - Yes it does go by too quickly! :)