Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Be Still...

This week I have struggled emotionally and fallen into the trap of insecurity.  

Doubts about myself as a mother, a wife, a friend...

Thinking about my worth, my role, my job, our future....

Comparing myself to others...

Thinking about everything except TRUTH.  

When Landon called during lunch I expressed my emotions, unable to keep the tears from rolling down.  There were six little hands patting my back and holding my hands. Like a sweet and Godly husband he reminded me that these are all lies that I am believing about myself as a result of comparing to others.  He reminded me to "be still"...to remember that God has blessed me with talents, and that it might not necessarily be MY time to use those talents.  

“We're going to have to let truth scream louder to our souls than the lies that have infected us.” 
Beth Moore, So Long Insecurity

As I thought on that statement some more, I realized he was completely right.  God has shut several doors over the last year to different opportunities that weren't HIS timing.  I thought about what He has for me now.  My role as a wife and a mother....my three beautiful, amazing, smart and healthy little girls.  My focus should be on being a Godly example to these girls and pouring my life into them.  He has blessed me with talents that are being used to better my family, and not to be used to measure success.  I know that He has great plans for my family.  For my Girls.  I have to rest in Him....His love....His plan for us!  

What's the cure? Reading His word, thinking on truth, remembering my blessing, keeping my eyes fixed on HIM.  Remembering that I am redeemed, that HE loves me, and that I am accepted by Him.  

I just love this song by the David Crowder Band.  If you have some time please take a couple minutes to listen!  

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