Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Thankful for unusually warm weather.  Brooke & I jumped in her trampoline and had so much fun together.  I might have exceeded the weight limit.  :O)

Sometimes I use this blog to get personal and share what the Lord is teaching me, hoping it will encourage someone else who is going through the same thing.  I know many of my family and friends know how to better pray for us through updates and posts as well.  I never expected the blessings we would receive from my post yesterday...

I ended up having to take the girls back to the Doctor yesterday afternoon.  Lauren and Brooke were actually getting worse.  When the Doctor came in she couldn't believe how bad the rash was.  After taking a look at all of them, she had a different diagnosis than what we thought the rash originally was.  It was actually a couple little cold sores on Lily I had called about Friday morning that EXPLODED into herpes (cold sores) all over their bodies as well as a mild staph infection.  She was amazed that I had not contracted the sores...it is highly contagious and very painful.  It took all that I had to hold the tears back...I hate seeing them be in pain and suffering these sores all over their bodies.  By now, all the girls were crying, and I was carrying a 3 year old while pushing a double stroller all the way back to our car.  We drove to the local CVS to turn in SEVEN prescriptions.  We are now the Miller Infirmary/Pharmacy.  :O)

Lauren is beginning to blend in with her changing pad.

God is Good.  I had to go back out when Landon got home to pick up the medicine while making a quick stop at hobby lobby on the way.  When I got home, there was dinner from some family and dessert from a friend waiting on the counter.  More tears.  I left my phone on the counter and there was a text from our cousin letting us know she is bringing dinner tonight.  MANY texts and emails of friends offering to bring us food, offer help, and most importantly letting us know they are praying.  

God is teaching us many lessons through this, all while showing His love through His people.  He has also kept Landon & I healthy and given us strength to take care of these little ones.  We are so encouraged to know that our family & friends pray for us and love us.  Thank you all. 

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