Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crazy Parents at midnight...

This is Lauren happy as can be!

Freely giving some sweet kisses!

There are a few questions we have answered a few hundred times since we added the twins to our family.

1. Are they twins? just look exactly the same and are the same size.
2. Are they boys? Sure....boys with earrings, pink damask car seats, pink shirts and bows stuck to their head with KY jelly.
3. Do you get any sleep at night? This is one question that Landon and I avoided answering directly. We tried not to "jinx" ourselves by answering completely. To be honest the girls have been sleeping through the night at about 8 weeks old. Since we did our best to keep them on the same feeding/napping/sleeping schedule they would sleep and wake around the same time. God really blessed us with babies who slept at night. He knew we needed all the strength to take care of the kids the next day!

All that to say....every couple nights Landon and I go into the twins room and pick up a sleeping baby. Just to hold them. They immediately wake up. They will not allow us to rock them to sleep or hold them while they are sleeping. They just smile and play for a couple minutes with us in bed until we put them back in their cribs. So we are pretty crazy for waking our babies up in the middle of the night while they are sleeping so soundly...but we just love that sweet couple of minutes with our sweet little babies. They won't be little for long!

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