Monday, May 13, 2013

Molly {a letter from a "mom to be"}

Meet Derek & Molly :: They are expecting their first little boy, Beaux in July!  Aren't they adorable?!?  I asked Molly to write a "Mom Series" post for me as an expecting mother.  These two....they LOVE kids and are so great with them.  My girls adore their Uncle D and Aunt MoMo.  The love that they have for their nieces and nephews is so amazing, I know that the love that they will have for their little boy will be far beyond measure.  Here's the letter that Molly wrote to her precious Beaux....

Dear Beaux,

Right now as I write this you are kicking me, which isn't saying much since this happens ALL the time with you.  Since I have been able to feel you kick on Valentines Day, you do it all day long.  Such a reassuring feeling that I will miss!!!

People are all about giving you advice when you are pregnant!  Which can be great and also tiring...

The greatest advice I have received is to cherish the moments that you are in.  I want to make sure to put this into action.  I do not want to wish away stages of your life.  As I sit here and look at my very round and growing belly, I'm reminded of this advice.  I've already found myself wishing away pregnancy so I can see you, but I need to enjoy the moments I have you all to myself while I can!  The last few months of this are not comfortable I will have to say...but I wouldn't trade it for anything!  The kicks and rolling make everything completely worth it.  I am so blessed that God decided to make me your mommy and I don't want to wish this part away!  The only time it's just me and you all the time.  :)

I honestly didn't think I could get pregnant, we weren't trying but God knew what was best for us, and knew this time was perfect.  We are going to have to grow up and raise a baby!  I can't say I am ready, because I'm definitely not!!!  But God said I am, and gave me one of the greatest gifts...YOU!  My whole life I dreamed about being pregnant and being a mommy, it's really what I've always wanted to do.  I love children, and I can't believe I finally will have one of my own that I will love even more than I can ever imagine.  I am so incredibly grateful for what God has given me and I don't want to take a single minute for granted!

I can't wait until you are out and I can see your precious face, but until then I'm going to take this time to appreciate your precious kicks, hiccups, hitting and rolling that you like to do so well!  I know that I'm going to miss being pregnant and feeling you inside of me, and I don't want to wish that away.  I can't wait until you can crawl, walk, talk to me, and until you play a sport I can take you to.  So many memories, I want to treasure each stage you are in and remember everything I can, which means I must pretty much write everything down!


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