Monday, February 4, 2013

january {in an instagram}

Wow - where did January go?!?  For us, the breathing treatments and sleepless nights left us in a haze.  January was a pretty rough month physically on our family, but we had some pretty sweet times regardless.  We spent a LOT of time at home, worked on projects, painted, crafted and took road trips to get coffee.  I'm so thankful Lily and Lauren are past the RSV, lung infection and MAJOR ear infections. I'm also thankful that they are pretty tough cookies.  They took those three (long) weeks like champs.  God is good in every situation. It really made me more aware of praying for my friends that have very SICK children - children with heart defects, chronic lung problems, cancer, pnemonia, etc - and it made our trial look so small.  I'm thankful for his love and strength during that time, and for the many prayers of our family and friends!

Here's a few pictures from my instagram account of our month!  I was inspired by my friend Marybeth to create a picture collage in black and white.  I always love looking at her weekend updates in black and white collage form.   She has a great tutorial here.  

We said goodbye (yes I cried) to the cribs.  The twins took over the bunk bed in Brooke's room, and we did a makeover on Brooke's "new" room.  We sold the newer crib, dresser, quilt, crib mattresses, and purchased a beautiful headboard and french provincial dresser for her room.  We ended up paying nothing out of pocket to re-do her room (yippee!) thanks to craigslist steals and clearance buys. We did save Brooke/Lauren's crib to repurpose.  I hope to make a bench with the crib, and we made a picture/bow/artwork holder with the crib springs.  

I really would love to start a new "series".  I get a lot of emails from you when I write about what God is teaching in my life.  Although it is hard, I like to be transparent, hoping that something I have learned from God's word is an encouragent to someone else.  I would like to feature one mom every Monday - someone who is willing to share what God is teaching her as a parent or as a wife.  I would love to write more, but just don't have the time to commit.  I think it would be great to hear from other women in all walks of life (expecting, new mom, mom to teenagers, grandmas) who are willing to share what God is doing in their lives.  If you are interested in sharing, please email me!  


  1. Thanks for the tutorial info! I just discovered to get your instagram pics printed in cute little 3x3 squares! :)So fun!
    Can't wait to hear from different women on your new Monday series.

  2. Have you gotten them printed - I have always wanted to do that! :) I am hoping it will be an encouragement to me and everyone else to read different stories and lessons that God is teaching other Mom's. I'm excited! :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Tammy! The girls are getting SO big and the twins have the best hair. I always wanted dark, curly hair. :) All your projects look so cute...happy, happy toddler years!

  4. Welcome MB! :) LOve your blog - and your tutorial was a great one - I have people ask, but I would rather direct them to your detailed post! Your photos are amazing as always - love following your life!