Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tissue Pom-Pom Tutorial

These sweet little tissue poms are my favorite "go-to" decoration for any party!  They just make any room fun and festive!   I always get a lot of questions about how I make mine so I thought I would do a quick tutorial! 

Here's what you will need! Each large tissue pom will require one pack of tissue paper.  You can cut the paper down the middle to make 2 smaller poms for a variety of sizes. {Target has some really cute papers out right now} If you buy tissue paper and it is in the shape of a square, just make sure to cut one edge down so it is in the shape of a rectangle.  8-10 sheets of tissue paper will make the perfect "fluffy" pom-pom.  You will also need floral wire, pipe cleaners or twine to tie the middle.  Lastly you will need a pair of scissors!

*if you are hanging these from the ceiling clear jewelry line, fishing wire or even string or twine will be perfect!

Let's get started!!!

Step 1. Unfold your package of tissue paper and keep the papers neatly stacked.  

Step 2.  Make 1 - 1 1/2 inch accordion folds,  going up the rectangle until all your papers are folded.  

Step 3.  Place the wire around the middle of the folded paper and twist.  I usually make a little loop to make tying the poms easier if I am hanging them from the ceiling.  

Step 4.  Trim the edges into rounded {or pointy} edges.

Step 5.  Fan the papers out to the middle.  From here you will pull each layer of tissue paper away from the center one at a time.  Try to be careful so the papers don't rip!  Fluff the papers together and enjoy your festive pom-pom!

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