Sunday, November 11, 2012

FIVE years of wedded bliss

This Saturday we will celebrate 5 years of marriage together!
 Looking at these pictures bringing back memories of some amazing friends that we haven't seen since our wedding day.  It's as good thing Landon's not home to watch me sob at the computer screen. :)
It's amazing how fast time going by.  Everyone in this photo is married, and most of them have had their first child since this photo!  How young we all were....
This collage represents some of my favorite moments through the last 5 years.

*Our very first Christmas together - we were expecting our first "surprise" baby and didn't even know it yet!
*The birth of Brooke - such sweet memories I can remember like it was yesterday.  
*Our trip to Branson to see Santa for the first time.
*Brooke at 6 months - such a pretty girl!
*Brooke talking to her sissies - I was 8 month's pregnant here on bed rest.  Brooke kept me company and kept me smiling.
*The day the twins were born.  Relief, excitement and thankfulness is what I remember the first time I saw those sweet faces.  God is so good to us to give us two healthy baby girls through such a rough 9 months of pregnancy.
*I love this picture of the girls.  Brooke was such a pro at being a big sister.
*The twins 1st Birthday - the cutest little girls that keep me laughing (even when they cause trouble)
*Our family this fall - I can't believe Landon and I GET to be parents of 3 little girls.  I'm so thankful for the most amazing partner God gave me to walk through this life with.  We are so blessed!

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