Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sweet & Unexpected Moments

I don't know if you read my last post, but God has really been testing me in the area of patience and love the last few days.  Instead of seeing certain circumstances as "nuisances", I have really embraced them and enjoyed every minute of "unplanned" time with the girls.  

Here's my sweet Lily bug. She was rebelling against nap time, but Lauren was OUT.  So I grabbed Lily and we made cookies.  She insisted on wearing the beanie. We had such a sweet time together - I rarely get to spend time with the twins one-on-one.  

Tuesday morning came along.  Let me just tell you our schedule right now on Tuesdays: 
8:00 - Brooke wakes up, gets ready for school
8:30 - wake the twins up and get them dressed and fed.
8:50 - we really should leave the house by now, but I usually forget SOMETHING and have to go back into the house several times, as well as chase Lauren around to get her into the car.
8:55 - get to school.  On Tuesdays the twins go to a "mother's day out" program.  For some reason they HATE it.  Yesterday Lauren was in the corner of her room by her crib holding on for dear life.  I have to pick them both up and carry them in.  I WISH I had a video camera so y'all could see how crazy we look. As much as I LOVE a 3 hour break once a week, I don't want to take them somewhere they are not comfortable, so we are praying about some different options.
12:00 - Pick the twins home, race home feed them and lay them down.
1:50- wake the twins up and load the car.
1:55 - unload the car to go get Brooke from preschool.
2:00 - reload the car
2:05 - get home and unload the car.
2:06 - wish I could take a nap

 Since Lauren has some SERIOUS allergies, not to mention she had a firm grip on my hair, I decided to keep her with me.  I felt SO guilty for leaving Lily there alone, but we paid for the month, and I knew she would have fun playing.  Lauren & I went to Utica Square and had a wonderful time together.  I didn't get to peacefully shop, but I had so much fun with Lauren just running around freely in the BEAUTIFUL weather.

So last night by the time I had cleaned up after dinner, I was SO ready for bed.  I was also feeling like I was coming down with a weird "bug".  So when the girls went to bed, I just melted into bed.  1 a.m. came around and I was WIDE AWAKE.   I laid in bed until 3 just tossing and turning trying to fall asleep.  I finally got out of bed and sat at the computer looking at Pinterest, and contemplating whether or not to go to Wal-Mart.  I decided getting clothes on was too much work.  As I sat there, I heard an odd sound coming from the twin's room.  I walked in and Lauren was choking and having a hard time breathing.  I picked her up and she coughed up some of the allergy drainage that she was choking on.  We got some snuggle time in, and I laid back down and fell asleep pretty quickly.  God allowed me to wake up for those few hours so that I would hear Lauren choking.  I'm so thankful even though it meant missing a few hours of sleep.  I know he will give me the energy to get through today....and I'm sure that Starbuck's can help the situation a little bit too.  :O)

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