Monday, July 23, 2012

Damask LOVE!

This weekend I got to use my new damask stencil.  We have been in our house for a year now and I  have been in a project "funk" since always seems so empty when you take the Christmas decor down!  With the high ceilings and textured walls, Landon and I have been dreading painting.  We decided it was time to get started making our home our own, and since Thursday we have painted our bathroom, bedroom accent wall, family room accent wall, an antique vanity and dining room wall.  Whew.  I am loving the changes and am excited to share how I did the damask print on the wall.

I have visited the stencil page numerous times, but just couldn't commit to the price of buying a stencil.  I saw a picture on facebook of one of my friends' sweet baby girl's nursery.  When he told me where he got the stencil from, I knew I could commit seeing the results from someone I knew!  I ordered it from Cutting Edge Stencils and it was here within a few days!  It is very high quality, durable, washable and best of all REUSABLE!  They also have some great instructional videos on the site to help you with your project!

 All you need is some painter's tape, a small foam roller and your choice of paint.  I went with a flat "antique" white from wal-mart - a whole gallon for only $10!  Can't beat that!  The stencil overlaps itself so once I got the first block level and painted, it was super simple to keep going from there.  2 1/2 hours later my wall was completed, and I was SO happy with it.  It is the first room you see when you walk in our house, and it changed the whole look of the dining room!  

The "Gabrielle" stencil was the one I chose!

"Flora" Damask - my other favorite - I decided to go with the "cheaper" one as I was already pushing it!  

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  1. I seriously love the way this looks. I have also been in a funk with home decor. Since we rent I don't want to put time/ money into this home. Ready for a place of our own so that I can make it beautiful. Will definitely consider a stencil in the future.

  2. Thank you Katherine! :O) You would LOVE it!

  3. Considering doing this myself. Julie Dodds sent me over to your site.
    Thanks for the inspiration.