Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wishing time would slow down...

The more I try to hold on to these moments when the girls are small, the faster they seem to fly by.  Time began to move much more rapidly once the twins were born.  I took the girls for a trip to the zoo this week.  Besides wishing I would have invested in a triple stroller, we had a fun time together and made some sweet memories.  Once I got home and loaded my pictures, I realized I had taken some simliar pictures of Brooke a couple years ago.  It was so fun to look back at how much she has grown.  It makes me smile...and tear up at how grown up she is.

 By the penguins.  This has always been her favorite exhibit!

On the turtle...wishing time would slow down! 

Getting ready to go into the rainforest.  Love her smile here.  

All my girls together...then and now.  amazing.

I'm so thankful for my trusty camera that has captured all these precious moments with my girls!

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