Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Memory Loss

Thank goodness for this blog and facebook. Between the two, I can keep up with memories and photos I have updated. Between 2 rough pregnancies and trying to keep up with 3 very active girls, I have suffered extreme memory loss. Here is an example of a regular occurrence:

get all 3 girls ready for the day
get all 3 girls in the car
look in the rearview mirror and realized I forgot to put make-up on
get all 3 girls out of the car and stuff them into the cart at Wal-Mart
get all the groceries stored in my "mental list" (why didn't I write it out?!?)
get all 3 girls back into the car
get all 3 girls out of the car and into the house
get all the groceries out of the car
realize I forgot at least 1 thing I went to the store for the first place.
On a positive note...who needs a workout after all that?!?

Yesterday came around and I "forgot" a very important lesson I learned when Brooke was a baby. That time I didn't put pants on her before a nap and she smeared the contents of her diaper all over her WHITE BUMPER. I can't even say I forgot it...I actually remembered it yesterday while changing the girls before a nap. I said to myself...."I really should put her pants back on". Instead, I ignored the voice and laid both girls down for a nap...I was lazy and hungry. 2 hours later I heard some laughing and screaming. It was Lily. Lauren was sleeping on her stomach with a bare bottom, a diaper thrown on the floor, and on the other side of her bed...was a pile of POOP. yes.

I laughed so hard I startled her and she woke up. I think she was actually afraid of it, because it was untouched and she would not go near it. I am actually so intelligent that I let them run around the house to play in their diapers. While preparing dinner Brooke told me to "COME LOOK AT SISSY!". I turn the corner, and there is my little Lily strolling around without her diaper on. I think I have learned my lesson. Those girls though...they just keep me laughing...I just love it.

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