Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's just be honest...

Facebook can be deceiving. According to my profile, I have a perfect little family, a clean home and cute kids..and we all know that is NOT true (except for the cute kids part). There is just no one here to take a picture of me when I am standing at the door crying and waiting for my poor husband to get home from work after a rough day. Or when I am standing in an inch of chicken broth bawling because I just dropped the pot on the floor....and it was a LARGE pot. Sigh.

Sometimes we have bad days....:O)

The last couple weeks have really opened my eyes to how selfish I am. I LOVE my sweet family. But, do I love the girls enough to stop baking, and to give them the attention they need? Or to stop painting a tree on the wall to sit down and read to Brooke? Or to just sit down with my husband and talk because I am in "GO" mode as soon as the girls go to bed? I am thankful that God revealed this area in my life. There is no longer a baking blog to update, or a piece of furniture that HAS to get done. I said no to the opportunity to sell my baked goods locally. I can play with the girls and make a mess without feeling the need to be cleaning all the time. Without all the added pressure and stress I have really enjoyed all the sweet times with the girls. These times don't last for long...they go by too quickly. I want to enjoy these precious moments while I can! I will still paint furniture, and bake's just not on the priority list of things to do at the moment. :O) Nap time is now a time to read and relax. I have found that I have a lot more time to focus on the needs of others and pray for them. The friends that just said good-bye to their husbands who were deployed to Iraq...the friends that desperately want to become parents but can't, and the friend that just lost her precious baby...the friends that live in other countries as missionaries. I am definitely not a perfect Wife or Mother, but I want to try to be the best I can for my family! I am so blessed and SO thankful that God keeps teaching me new things through my sweet children.


  1. I just think over and over - isn't motherhood amazing!?!?! how it can mold us and change us. It consumes every ounce of us! It's so weird that it can be the hardest thing ever, but at the same time the mots fulfilling and wonderful thing!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. You are an incredible mother! I have to stop myself a lot from doing things I can just put aside for later so I can give Scarlet the attention she needs and deserves.

  3. Thank you all! You are so sweet. Praying for all of you as my sweet friends who are mommy's!