Monday, February 6, 2012


This put a smile on my face this morning as I was preparing this post.  Brooke says a lot of funny things these days...I know we will have many more to share.  Here are my favorites "Brooke-isms" from last week.  

Brooke's thoughts on the Moon as she was standing out of the sunroof (in a parking lot!):

"Daddy, there's the Moon!"
"Can I have the moon?"

"No, they are too expensive."

"Well...can I sit on the moon?"

"If you become an astronaut you can."


Brooke's insight on the inside of a nose:
Landon was reading and praying with Brooke before bed.  After he was done praying, Brooke gave him a science lesson:

" have hair in your nose.  I don't have hair, I have boogers.  Poppy has hair.  Sissies...Lily and Lauren have boogers". a whisper she said, "and mommy has hair". 

 She must have thought it would offend me if she said it out loud.

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