Friday, June 3, 2011

Party Planning...Bittersweet

Every time I sit down at my desk to craft something for Lily & Lauren's party I just can't start it. I usually just cry. Ha ha. I will blame it on the weaning...these hormones are out of control. I am usually WEEKS ahead of planning any sort of party...even the little details. I know I am not saying good-bye to the girls....but I feel like I am saying good-bye to the sweet baby stage. I have gone into their rooms every night to just hold them while they are sleeping. Instead of crafting and cleaning, I have been playing with them during the day. Right now I have 6 big eyes staring at me while I write this, and 4 little hands throwing cheerios all over the floor. I am trying to hold on to every minute...

Random fun fact - Over the last 358 days we have used approximately 5,475 diapers. You are Welcome Huggies.

On the other hand...I am VERY excited to celebrate their first year with us. I still cannot wrap my mind around the fact that we have TWO babies. Two babies that sleep, eat, giggle, play, get in trouble and GROW together. As we say "good-bye" to the baby stage we say a big "HELLO" to the toddler stage (times two). Oh my is all I have to say to that.

Landon and I feel so blessed to be parents of 3 wonderful little girls. We are thankful for the opportunity God has given us to be parents and never expected 3 years ago that He would bless us with so many sweet little girls to share our lives with.


  1. I know you're sad they're getting bigger, but it really is a lot of fun the next year! Enjoy every moment!

  2. Awww - so sweet! you sound like the perfect mother for those 3 girls!!!!! They are so lucky!