Friday, June 17, 2011

a crazy roller-coaster ride

Last wednesday I lost my wedding ring. We tried not to focus too much on finding it until after the girls' birthday was behind us. We have turned the house over several times since then with no luck. I love my ring...most of all the sentiment behind it, and hope it turns up in the move. Thank goodness for such a beautiful picture our photographer took at my bridal portraits so I can remember it.

We signed a contract on our house Tuesday night! Praise the LORD!

After much praying, searching, comparing and VERY late nights we signed a contract on the house we have had our eye on for months late Thursday night.

Last Friday my baby girls turned ONE! We had a great time celebrating!

Last week we were all holding on for "dear life"! This week we are still trying to take everything in that took place last week. The house that we are in a contract to buy is our dream house. We would love to live in it if God sees fit. We know if it is not HIS perfect will for us, He will take it away. This house has such a neat story that I will share with you all sometime. All the inspections have been completed and we are waiting for everything to fall into place! Please keep us in your prayers as we are scheduled to close on both houses July 8th!


  1. The new house looks beautiful! Hooray for a bigger kitchen and more space for the kids! I hope that your ring turns up. Good luck on the big move and you'll have to send me your new address lol. :)

  2. THank you Cindi! You are so sweet!