Monday, December 17, 2012

Lily & Lauren Update

I can't believe it.  December 10th marked Lily & Lauren's half birthday making them TWO & A HALF!  Wow - I can't believe it - I still try to rock them to sleep and call them babies but they are growing SO quickly.  I'm so thankful for them and believe it or not, I am STILL in awe every time I think about the fact that they are twins.  It's amazing to see them growing up together.  They have their own little personalities but are always looking out for one another (and Brooke!).  

 Lauren is always VERY affectionate to Lily and gives out kisses and hugs freely!  Landon and I gave each other a camera last week for Christmas.  I a SO excited to have something to capture these special moments.  

Lily loves her baby - she doesn't leave home without her.  She loves boots, meat, singing, playing the guitar and dancing.  She is very loving and my favorite thing that she does is when she wraps her arms around me and plays with the back of my neck.  

Lauren is a little more on the crazy side.  She follows Brooke wherever she goes and that little dimple on her left cheek makes her look even more mischievous than she already is.  :)  She loves shoes, carbs, singing, jumping on the bed and spanking her own bottom.  ha ha.


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