Monday, May 7, 2012

Our First Surgery

Here we are all "dressed up" and ready for our procedure.  Mommy & Daddy woke us up at 5:15 a.m.   We normally sleep until we were pretty tired.

The medicine they gave us to calm down before the took us back made us REALLY HAPPY.  :O)

All the nurses loved us and told daddy and mommy that we did a great job!  We even got little teddy bears to take home with us.  We had a lot of infection back in our ears, even after 3 rounds of antibiotics, and large adenoids.  We hope this is the road to better health for both of us!

I'm Lily!  I was tested for my hearing and speech a few weeks ago and didn't do so well.  My comprehension level was above the two year level, but my speech skills are at the level of a 13 month old.  I'm not worried though - since my surgery, I am already trying to say words and repeat the words my mommy says.  I just felt like I was wearing earmuffs all the time!  I will bounce back quickly and I even have my own speech therapist to help me!  :O)

I'm Lauren!  I can say a few more words than my sister, but I am excited to be able to hear more clearly!   My favorite word is "shoe".  You should hear the way I say "Lily".  It's pretty cute.  :O)

Thank you for all your prayers!  We appreciate all the love you have shown our family!

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  1. I haven't commented before, but I love your little girls! I used to pray for you during your pregnancy (LeAnn would keep me posted, I was pregnant then too) and was so happy when I got to see pictures of your 3 girls! Our little Emma is about Lily and Lauren's age and they remind me so much of each other.

    I hope the tubes/adenoidectomy work as well for you as they did for our son. He had constant runny noses and ear infections, but after they removed his adenoid, he almost never has them now. We did have to get a couple sets of tubes (from the same hospital- we had Dr. Hamilton and loved him), but they really made a huge difference. Love the baking posts too, by the way!

    Oops, I forgot- this is Dana Powell, we met in the Cornerstone class a long time ago!